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The Old Bazaar in Kruja albania

The Old Bazaar in Kruja


The Old Bazaar is the main source of income and economic growth for local people. Known by the locals as Derexhiku the Old Bazaar of Kruja dates to th...
Murad Bey Mosque albania

Murad Bey Mosque


Known as Bazaar Mosque because of its location in the historic Bazaar of Kruje, Murad Bey Mosque is a historic mosque was built in 1533. It is Cultura...
Shna'Ndou Church albania

Shna'Ndou Church


The Church of Shna'Ndou (In Albanian: Kisha e Laçit), dedicated to St Anthony of Padua, is located in Lac, near Lezhe District in a 4.7 mile (11,0...
Shengjini Beach albania

Shengjini Beach


Shengjin is a coastal town and a former municipality in Lezhe. Lezha as a city, has thousands of years of history that has provided this beach city wi...
Lead Mosque albania

Lead Mosque


In Shkodra, in northwestern of Albania, is located a historical mosque named “Lead Mosque” (in Albanian: Xhamia e Plumbit). All of its cupolas were co...
Ebu Bkr Mosque albania

Ebu Bkr Mosque


Ebu Bkr Mosque located in Shkodra city, its official name is the Sheik Zamil Abdullah Al-Zamil Mosque and is commonly known from the locals as the Gre...
Mesi Bridge albania

Mesi Bridge


Mesi Bridge (in Albanian: Ura e Mesit) is a monument of Postribe Culture, located in Mes village (the bridge has the same name as the village), about ...
Convento di Sant'Onofrio a Casacalenda molise

Convento di Sant'Onofrio a Casacalenda


The monastery of St. Onofrio was founded in 1407 by Blessed Giovanni from Stroncone. After the Second World War, the convent was restored and enlarged. Between 2000 and 2016 the convent was not accessible due to an earthquake. Today it is completely renovated. The church is an integral part of the monastery of the same name and is rich in works of art.
Durres Amphitheater albania

Durres Amphitheater


The amphitheater at Durres in central Albania is one of the larger and better preserved amphitheaters of the Roman world, as well as one of the easter...
Lalzi Bay albania

Lalzi Bay


Consisting of 35 km long coastline in the Adriatic Sea, Lalzi Bay is a large bay of the Adriatik See with the Mediterranean See. It borders with Rodon...
Gjenerali Beach, Turres Castle albania

Gjenerali Beach, Turres Castle


Built in the 14th century as a fortification, Turres castle was declared a cultural heritage monument on 17.03.1948. It is made of stone and brick and...
Ishmi Castle albania

Ishmi Castle


Bovilla Lake albania

Bovilla Lake


Bovilla Lake is located 15 km in the northeast of Tirana. It was formed 15 years earlier on the upper part of Terkuza River, positioned between the tw...
Bashtova Castle albania

Bashtova Castle


The five-century-old castle is positioned on the edge of Via Egnatia, one of the most important trade routes of the Roman Empire, and is close to the ...
Parashkevi Church Kavaja albania

Parashkevi Church Kavaja


St. Paraskevi's Church becoming a Cultural Monument of Albania in 1963 is located in Cete, Kavaja Municipality. This church is characterized by a ...
Rock of Kavaja albania

Rock of Kavaja


Rock of Kavaja, is a massive Rock of about 560 meters high and 160 meters wide, located nearby the highway between Durres and Kavaja town. Mostly popu...
Kus Lake albania

Kus Lake


Kus lake is located in Kashar (Kus village), only 10 km outside of Tirana. There is evidence of Kashar’s existence since antiquity; the very first doc...
Kombinati i Tiranes albania

Kombinati i Tiranes


Kombinat is a southwestern suburb of Tirana, Albania, located about 6 kilometres from the main centre. It contains a number of landmarks related to Jo...
Lana River albania

Lana River


It is the main stream that crosses through Tirana, its source is in the mountains east of the city. Many illegal kiosks and buildings were constructed...
Drilon Spring albania

Drilon Spring


Drilon Spring is near the village of Tushemish, at the foot of the Tushemisht-Guras Hills. The road to follow to get to the spring is Pogradec-Drilon....

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