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Dhermi Beach

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The beach of Dhermi originates from 1200 m above the sea level and is situated in the north of Gjipea beach, with the big and active steepy slope of St. Todhri in the south and two streams that pour in the extremities of the beach. From the main road it is about 1.5 kilometeres to the Dhermi Beach. The stream forms its rocky valley below Dhermi village. Ajgonadhi pours near the steepy slope forming a 30 m wide estuary along the beach. It is a short stream with a little steepness and a temporary flow during the wet seasons. The beach of Dhermi extends from the southeast to northwest with a longitude of 1 km. Its average width is 30 m and the highest width reaches the value of 40 m in the central part of the beach. The water is cool and clear and well. The whole beach is very organised, with many beach bars at your service, with lots of benches and a long promenade.    

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