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The Fortress Pogradec albania

The Fortress Pogradec


Pogradec fortress is a ruined castle in Pogradec, eastern Albania. At its highest point, it stands 205 metres (673 ft) above Lake Ohrid. Located on a ...
The Art Gallery albania

The Art Gallery


In the center of the town can be found the Art Gallery. It exhibits paintings by well known painters from Pogradec. It also organizes various exhibiti...
Sarisalltik albania



Sarisalltik is one of the most significant religious places in Albania. Sarisalltiku is located at an altitude of 1176 meters, whose balcony offers th...
The Monumental Tombs of Selce albania

The Monumental Tombs of Selce


Dating back to 400 BC the Monumental tombs of Selce are unique from the archeological and construction perspective. They are located 40 km away from t...
The Old Bazaar in Kruja albania

The Old Bazaar in Kruja


The Old Bazaar is the main source of income and economic growth for local people. Known by the locals as Derexhiku the Old Bazaar of Kruja dates to th...
Skanderbeg Monument albania

Skanderbeg Monument


In the the center of Kruja visitors can see a monument for the national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg. Designed by sculptor Pascal Odysseus it was...
Mosaics of Lin

Mosaics of Lin

Mosaics of Lin are located 22 km from Pogradec and near the Peninsula of Lin. They date back to the sixth century AD. Lin, the Byzantine mosaic from t...
Tushemisht Village albania

Tushemisht Village


Tushemisht is located only a few hundreds meters from Drilon. It is known in the area for the great number of springs on the hills, the water of which...
Kruja Castle albania

Kruja Castle


Constructed during V-VI centuries the castle was the center of Skanderbeg’s rebellion against the Ottoman Empire. It has an elliptic shape of 804 m pe...
National Park Of Qafshtama albania

National Park Of Qafshtama


Located 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) northeast of Kruja, National Park of Qafshtama has an area of 2000 hectares, with a beautiful mountain scenery cons...
Murad Bey Mosque albania

Murad Bey Mosque


Known as Bazaar Mosque because of its location in the historic Bazaar of Kruje, Murad Bey Mosque is a historic mosque was built in 1533. It is Cultura...
Lake Ohrid albania

Lake Ohrid


Lake Ohrid is a lake which straddles the mountainous border between the southwestern part of North Macedonia and eastern Albania. It is one of Europe&...
Zgerdhesh Village albania

Zgerdhesh Village


Zgërdhesh village lies on a hill south of the highway connecting Kruja with Fushë Krujë and it is part of the Fushë Krujë Administrative Unit. The anc...
Kune Lagoon albania

Kune Lagoon


Kune-Vain Lagoon is situated near Lezha and nestled between Shengjin and several villages of the island of Lezha. The Protected Area is 2,300 ha and i...
Vermosh Village albania

Vermosh Village


Vermosh is located in Kelmend municipality and is the northernmost village of Albania. It became part of Malesia e Madhe municipality at 2015 after t...
Theth National Park Hiking albania

Theth National Park Hiking


Theth National Park is located 70 km from Shkodra and it is near the midway point of the border with Montenegro. In the heart of the national park are...
The Byllis Archaeological Park albania

The Byllis Archaeological Park


Byllis, founded in the 4th century B.C, is the largest ancient Illyrian city in the south of Albania. It is located on top of the hills of Mallakastra...
Beach of Livadhi albania

Beach of Livadhi


The beach of Livadhi has the form of a horseshoe and its surrounding slopes are slightly steep. IT is famous for its deep blue waters and the endless ...
Ali Pasha Towers albania

Ali Pasha Towers


The Ali Pasha Towers were built on the ruins of the settlement of Karos. The settlement of Karos consists of the ruins of a fortified settlement of a ...
Tamara Village albania

Tamara Village


Tamara which is one of the most beautiful areas (village) of the Albanian Alps located in Kelmend Municipality in Malsia e Madhe District. Since 1935 ...

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