Back Museo Provinciale delle Tradizioni Popolari "Abbazia di Cerrate"

Museo Provinciale delle Tradizioni Popolari "Abbazia di Cerrate"

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Once a Byzantine monastery, then an agricultural production site: the Cerrate Abbey offers a fascinating account of its two souls, both a place of worship and a historic farm. Since 2012 it has been in concession to the National Trust for Italy (FAI) of the province of Lecce.

The Abbey of Santa Maria di Cerrate was founded between the 11th and 12th centuries by Basilian monks who were fleeing from the iconoclastic persecution of Byzantium. 

Over time, the Abbey became one of the most important monastic centers in southern Italy: in 1531 the complex included, besides the church, stables, lodgings for farmers, a well and two underground mills. 

After a long period of neglect, the Abbey has been opened to the public again since the year 2012. It is a breathtaking example of Apulian Romanesque architecture, embellished with important Byzantine frescoes. 

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