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Puka Lake albania

Puka Lake


The artificial lake of Puka, together with the pine park, is the next surprise for foreign and local visitors. The lake has already become a tourist d...
Razem Village albania

Razem Village


Razëm The former pastures of Vrith village at Razëm, 40km from Shkodra, are surrounded by old beech and pine forests plus a dozen caves at 1100 metres...
Tale Beach albania

Tale Beach


From a military zone during the communist system Era, where vacations were not allowed, Tales beach has turned into one of the most frequented coastal...
The Byllis Archaeological Park albania

The Byllis Archaeological Park


Byllis, founded in the 4th century B.C, is the largest ancient Illyrian city in the south of Albania. It is located on top of the hills of Mallakastra...
Ardenica Monastery albania

Ardenica Monastery


The Monastery of the Nativity of the Theotokos in Ardenica (Albanian: Manastiri Lindja e Hyjlindëses Mari, or simply Ardenica Monastery (Albanian: Man...
Hekal albania



Village Hekali is village with ancient history over 3000 years old and lies on the surface of large with over 2500 inhabitants and about 500 house. It...
Drisht albania



In the Middle Ages, the village of Drisht was called Drivasti and is one of the largest villages in the administrative unit of Postribë. It lies north...
Skanderbeg Memorial albania

Skanderbeg Memorial


Skanderbeg’s Memorial is located in Lezha and is a grand monument supported by marble pillars. The memorial, completed and inaugurated during communis...
Boge Village albania

Boge Village


From the center of Shkodra, Boga is 47 kilometers and takes 58 minutes. For mountain enthusiasts, Boga is a starting point for the adventure between t...
Eye Of Shegan albania

Eye Of Shegan


Eye of Shegan: An Invigorating Stop by Shkodra Lake - Into Albania. Albania’s nature and fairytale landscape offer up a new favorite among the locals,...
Kune Lagoon albania

Kune Lagoon


Kune-Vain Lagoon is situated near Lezha and nestled between Shengjin and several villages of the island of Lezha. The Protected Area is 2,300 ha and i...
The Old Bazaar in Kruja albania

The Old Bazaar in Kruja


The Old Bazaar is the main source of income and economic growth for local people. Known by the locals as Derexhiku the Old Bazaar of Kruja dates to th...
Murad Bey Mosque albania

Murad Bey Mosque


Known as Bazaar Mosque because of its location in the historic Bazaar of Kruje, Murad Bey Mosque is a historic mosque was built in 1533. It is Cultura...
Shna'Ndou Church albania

Shna'Ndou Church


The Church of Shna'Ndou (In Albanian: Kisha e Laçit), dedicated to St Anthony of Padua, is located in Lac, near Lezhe District in a 4.7 mile (11,0...
Shengjini Beach albania

Shengjini Beach


Shengjin is a coastal town and a former municipality in Lezhe. Lezha as a city, has thousands of years of history that has provided this beach city wi...
Lead Mosque albania

Lead Mosque


In Shkodra, in northwestern of Albania, is located a historical mosque named “Lead Mosque” (in Albanian: Xhamia e Plumbit). All of its cupolas were co...
Ebu Bkr Mosque albania

Ebu Bkr Mosque


Ebu Bkr Mosque located in Shkodra city, its official name is the Sheik Zamil Abdullah Al-Zamil Mosque and is commonly known from the locals as the Gre...
Mesi Bridge albania

Mesi Bridge


Mesi Bridge (in Albanian: Ura e Mesit) is a monument of Postribe Culture, located in Mes village (the bridge has the same name as the village), about ...
Convento di Sant'Onofrio a Casacalenda molise

Convento di Sant'Onofrio a Casacalenda


The monastery of St. Onofrio was founded in 1407 by Blessed Giovanni from Stroncone. After the Second World War, the convent was restored and enlarged. Between 2000 and 2016 the convent was not accessible due to an earthquake. Today it is completely renovated. The church is an integral part of the monastery of the same name and is rich in works of art.
Durres Amphitheater albania

Durres Amphitheater


The amphitheater at Durres in central Albania is one of the larger and better preserved amphitheaters of the Roman world, as well as one of the easter...

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