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Razem Village albania

Razem Village


Razëm The former pastures of Vrith village at Razëm, 40km from Shkodra, are surrounded by old beech and pine forests plus a dozen caves at 1100 metres...
Tale Beach albania

Tale Beach


From a military zone during the communist system Era, where vacations were not allowed, Tales beach has turned into one of the most frequented coastal...
Vermosh Village albania

Vermosh Village


Vermosh is located in Kelmend municipality and is the northernmost village of Albania. It became part of Malesia e Madhe municipality at 2015 after t...
Theth National Park Hiking albania

Theth National Park Hiking


Theth National Park is located 70 km from Shkodra and it is near the midway point of the border with Montenegro. In the heart of the national park are...
Tamara Village albania

Tamara Village


Tamara which is one of the most beautiful areas (village) of the Albanian Alps located in Kelmend Municipality in Malsia e Madhe District. Since 1935 ...
Ardenica Monastery albania

Ardenica Monastery


The Monastery of the Nativity of the Theotokos in Ardenica (Albanian: Manastiri Lindja e Hyjlindëses Mari, or simply Ardenica Monastery (Albanian: Man...
Libohova Old Village albania

Libohova Old Village


Libohova, a town and a municipality in southern Albania is overlooked by Libohove castle and has a main street with views across the Drini Valley. Als...
Mulino di Santa Maria del Molise molise

Mulino di Santa Maria del Molise


Capo d'Acqua was the ancient name of Santa Maria del Molise. In its territory there are many streams and rivulets which in the past were used to feed the motive power of the many mills which were present in the area. Today at the entrance of the village there is the so called "Parco dei Mulini" (Park of Mills), a series of small structures and hydraulic works completely restored.
Arrampicata Monte Carovello a Civitanova del Sannio molise

Arrampicata Monte Carovello a Civitanova del Sannio


Montagnola Molisana is a place rich in crags known for sport climbing. Monte Carovello, in Civitanova del Sannio, is an area that presents gorges, gullies and steep rocky walls and offers to the fans of this sport, one of the most interesting places of the Region.
Arrampicata Morgia Pietra Martino a Salcito molise

Arrampicata Morgia Pietra Martino a Salcito


The spectacular monolith of Pietra Martino rises in contrada Fontelefrassi, in the territory of Salcito. For its isolated position, the landscape context and the presence of rare species make it a valuable place from the environmental point of view, it is included in the S.I.C. "Torrente Rivo".
Parapendio a Montefalcone nel Sannio molise

Parapendio a Montefalcone nel Sannio


From this splendid panoramic balcony we can see the coast of Molise and in the distance the Tremiti islands, the perched village of Montefalcone and the beautiful scenery of Lago Grande.
Aeroplani Eljan Tanini albania

Aeroplani Eljan Tanini


At the former airfield, an artwork recalls the Mig military planes of the dictatorship. For many citizens who grew up in this area, it is a return to ...
Syri i Qiellit albania

Syri i Qiellit


The "Eye of the Sky" pavilion, a place of reflection, contemplation and meditation. Conceived as a middle solution between the memorial and th...
Rubiku Castle albania

Rubiku Castle


Rubik's Ancient Castle is a cultural heritage monument in Mirdita District, Lezha County. Rubik's Ancient Castle is the castle of late antiqui...
Osumi Canyon albania

Osumi Canyon


Situated along the road from Hambull to Çorovode, Osumi Canyons are the largest canyons in the country referred as the “Grand Canyon” of Albania. The ...
New Bazaar albania

New Bazaar


Constructed in 1931, the New Bazaar was developed and grew even more years by years. It was created as a need to increase the commercial activity that...
Zani Sadik Spahija albania

Zani Sadik Spahija


"Zâni" is the title of the beautiful sculptural installation consisting of the interweaving of iron pipes of different sizes, to create the im...
Prenjas Mine albania

Prenjas Mine


The towers of Prrenjas, indicators of the history of this city, for many years offered the sad sight of ruins. Eljan Tanini is the artist who would &#...
Cufoja dhe Bubi Kacurrel albania

Cufoja dhe Bubi Kacurrel


Cufoja and Bubi Kaçurrel was written for the first time in 1978, therefore this inauguration is brought to the 40th anniversary of their creation. Loc...
Palace of Congresses albania

Palace of Congresses


Designed and built in the 1980, the Congress Palace was symbol of communist ideology and the power of expression of totalitarian regime. It is located...

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