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Farm Hub Albania albania

Farm Hub Albania


Do you live on the high floors of the concrete city building and it has become stressful? Do you want to change your lifestyle? Have you had enough of...
Black Pines in Poro albania

Black Pines in Poro


They are located on the coast of Poros, in the Poros Pine Managed Reserve of Fieri. It catches the eye as soon as you enter the first forest strip of ...
Cascate del Verrino molise

Cascate del Verrino


The Verrino river has its source in the territory of Capracotta, in the locality of Ara Petrecca, at an altitude of 1250 meters above sea level, in the territory of Agnone it flows into the Trigno river, at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. The Verrino is a torrential watercourse, whose flow rate shows significant variations during the year, the basin covers a total of 700 hectares and is 24 kilometers long.
Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo puglia

Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo


A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011, the Sanctuary of St. Michael the Archangel has been welcoming pilgrims from all over the world to Monte Sant'Angelo since the 5th century.
Necropoli di Monte Saraceno puglia

Necropoli di Monte Saraceno


The Necropolis of Monte Saraceno, just a short walk from the town of Mattinata, is a religious and archaeological site built by the Daunians on one of the Gargano's most beautiful viewpoints.
Lago di Lesina puglia

Lago di Lesina


Lake Lesina is an inland brackish water body parallel to the coast, tal lagoon of coastal origin located on the north of the Gargano promontory. It is the second largest lake in southern Italy.
Rubiku Castle albania

Rubiku Castle


Rubik's Ancient Castle is a cultural heritage monument in Mirdita District, Lezha County. Rubik's Ancient Castle is the castle of late antiqui...
Leqet e Hotit albania

Leqet e Hotit


Lekte e Hoti is a pass in the Shkodra region, at an altitude of 730 m, through which the Malësi e Madhe road passes from Shkodra to Vermosh. It connec...
Paskuqan Park albania

Paskuqan Park


The park of Paskuqan is a natural park located in Paskuqan, north part of Tirana. Landscaping plans include planting oak, lemon trees, orange trees, c...
Parapendio e Deltaplano a Miranda molise

Parapendio e Deltaplano a Miranda


For those who wish to experience the thrill of flight, tandem paragliding is definitely the easiest and most enjoyable way. During the flight you will feel a pleasant sensation of freedom, you will let yourself be rocked while observing the surrounding territory from a new perspective.
Rione Fossi puglia

Rione Fossi


Together with the Rione Monti, Rione Aia Piccola is the most populated area of trulli in the world. It is located in the heart of the old centre of Alberobello, which has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1996.
Velca Cave albania

Velca Cave


The caves of Velçe belong to the late Neolithic culture of the 3rd millennium BC. According to Prof. Marcian's notes, this cave must have been inh...
Tragjas Castle albania

Tragjas Castle


Tragjasi is located 20 km south of the city of Vlora. It is located in the so-called Dukat Valley. It is located at the foot of the Lungara mountain, ...
Dajti Mountain National Park albania

Dajti Mountain National Park


Dajti is the most accessible mountain in the country just 25 km east of Tirana and 50 km east of Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa. It has a ...
Kulla e Sahatit Kavaje albania

Kulla e Sahatit Kavaje


The Clock Tower in Kavaje, which is one of the oldest cultural monuments with an age of about 200 years, now has a revived appearance, transforming in...
Lepusha Village albania

Lepusha Village


Lëpushë is a small village located in Northern Albania, the border between Albania and Montenegro. It is part of the Kelmend region, in Shkodër County...
Aeroplani Eljan Tanini albania

Aeroplani Eljan Tanini


At the former airfield, an artwork recalls the Mig military planes of the dictatorship. For many citizens who grew up in this area, it is a return to ...
Bukurshkrimi Adrian Paci albania

Bukurshkrimi Adrian Paci


"Lettering" is the title of the public art work of the artist Adrian Paci, which was inaugurated in the square between the Ministry of Agricul...
New Bazaar albania

New Bazaar


Constructed in 1931, the New Bazaar was developed and grew even more years by years. It was created as a need to increase the commercial activity that...
Osumi Canyon albania

Osumi Canyon


Situated along the road from Hambull to Çorovode, Osumi Canyons are the largest canyons in the country referred as the “Grand Canyon” of Albania. The ...

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