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Eye of Cyclops albania

Eye of Cyclops


The Eye of the Cyclops or as they call it the Trail of the Cyclops is located about 4 km below Krraba, in the village called Skuterrë, in the Erzen ri...
Chiesa dei ss Cosma e Damiano di Isernia molise

Chiesa dei ss Cosma e Damiano di Isernia


The small church of Saints Cosma and Damiano is located outside the town of Isernia, on a small hill at the foot of which flows the Carpino river. A festival dedicated to the martyred saints is held in the last week of September. The people of Isernia and neighbouring communities are very devoted to the thaumaturge saints and it can be said with certainty that this hill has always been a place of devotion.
Basilica Minore dell'Addolorata di Castelpetroso molise

Basilica Minore dell'Addolorata di Castelpetroso


The Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Addolorata in Castelpetroso is located at the foot of Mount Patalecchia. Its neo-Gothic structure, its domes, spires and white stones make it stand out in the green of the surrounding forest. It was built following a miraculous event: on 22 March 1888, two peasant women, Bibiana and Serafina, were in the area known as "Cesa tra Santi", grazing two sheep. One of them was lost and the two women did their best to look for it.
Chiesa della Madonna del Castello in San Felice del Molise molise

Chiesa della Madonna del Castello in San Felice del Molise


The church (also called Santa Maria Divina) was built in 1910 on the ruins of a castle where, it is said, lived a princess named Cecilia, who died in Rome in a state of sanctity. Among the ruins of the ancient castle existing on the spot, was found by a faithful, a small bronze statue (now lost, it retains only a photograph). According to the story was the Virgin herself to appear to the woman and showed her the place where his effigy was. Immediately began the pilgrimages, became so numerous to give life to the cult of the Virgin sanctioned by the competent ecclesiastical authority. Particularly interesting is the rite that is celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter, the statuette of the Immaculate Virgin -different from the original one stolen at the end of the '70s- is carried on foot in procession from the inhabited center of San Felice to the church of the Madonna del Castello.
Cappella di Santa Maria Assunta Macchia Valfortore molise

Cappella di Santa Maria Assunta Macchia Valfortore


The chapel of Madonna Assunta, or 'cappella a llong' in Macchiarolo dialect, built in the 18th century, stands on a high hill, from where a good part of the Fortore valley can be admired. Some anecdotes are linked to the small rock church: The first one wants that due to its position it is considered one of the seven sisters (churches that can be seen from each other and the seventh sees Rome and therefore St. Peter).
Clock Tower albania

Clock Tower


The Clock Tower of Tirana began to be built by Haxhi Et'hem Bey in 1822 and ended with the contribution of wealthy families of Tirana. Initially, ...
Old Tragjas Village albania

Old Tragjas Village


The ruined village of Old Tragjas is a monument of cultural heritage in Tragjas, Vlora District, Vlora County and undoubtedly one of the most interest...
The Bay of Bristan albania

The Bay of Bristan


Bristani is a natural beach located on the western side of the Karaburun peninsula along the Ionian Sea. The bay of Bristan offers partial shelter fro...
Jewish Street Vlora albania

Jewish Street Vlora


The Hebrew Street in Vlora is a monument of cultural heritage in the district of Vlora, in the county of Vlora, Albania. This monument is of the "...
The Bay of Dafina albania

The Bay of Dafina


The bay of Dafina together with its beach lies in the west of the peninsula of Karaburun. It has a rocky coast with abysses and caves. It has a great ...
Dukat Agroturizem albania

Dukat Agroturizem


The growth of Dukati Farm has been gradual; they first started as a farm, then turned into a winery around 1993. Today the farm reaches a total area o...
Chiesa di Santa Maria della Strada a Matrice molise

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Strada a Matrice


Legend has it that only seven churches have survived over the centuries: those of Santa Maria di Monteverde, Maria Santissima Assunta di Ferrazzano, San Leonardo di Campobasso, Santa Maria di Cercemaggiore, Santa Maria della Strada di Matrice and the cathedral of Volturara Appula, while the name of the seventh remains obscure. The origins of the church, in honour of the Madonna, are linked to the period when the feud of Matrice was ruled by Roberto Valerio and it seems that he himself donated the land on which the monument stands. The construction of the church can be dated around 1100, and it was consecrated in 1148 by Archbishop Pietro and bishops Giovanni di Volturara, Raimondo di Cividale and Roberto di Bojano.
Cattedrale di Trivento molise

Cattedrale di Trivento


The Cathedral stands on the highest and oldest part of the town, and is also home to important historical and cultural buildings. It houses the administrative offices of the municipality, the ancient castle (known as the Colaneri palace) and, attached to the cathedral, the Curia building and the Episcopal seminary. Catholic life in Trivento is based in the oldest diocese in Molise, and the municipality has been an episcopal seat since the early Christian era. The cathedral church is dedicated to the patron saints Nazarius, Celsus and Victor: according to tradition, the relics of the martyr saints Nazarius and Celsus were donated by Saint Ambrose to the local church in 398. In 1726, the pope and martyr Saint Victor was also added to the two Milanese martyrs. Together with the cathedral's owners, Saint Casto, Trivento's legendary first bishop, is co-patron of the diocese.
The Island of Sazani albania

The Island of Sazani


The Island of Sazan is situated at the point where the Adriatic and Ionian seas gently meet in a very important strategic, ecological and social posit...
Campitello di Roccamandolfi molise

Campitello di Roccamandolfi


Campitello were plateaus that shepherds and farmers of the high Matese, before the fifties of the last century, managed to snatch from the wild nature and used them to sow wheat, plant potatoes and then use them as fodder and later as summer pastures. Campitello di Roccamandolfi, a large grassy plateau located at an altitude of 1230 meters, about 10 km from the village.
Parco Regionale dell'Olivo a Venafro molise

Parco Regionale dell'Olivo a Venafro


The Venafro Regional Olive Park, also known as the Oraziano or Campaglione Park, was established by Regional Law in 2008 and in 2018 was included in the prestigious National Register of Historic Rural Landscapes of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism. It is the first protected area dedicated to the olive tree, the only one of its kind in the Mediterranean. Venafro oil was already known in ancient times, as Marcus Porcius Cato and Horace spoke of it and considered it to be the finest oil in the ancient world.
Bosco Pianelle di Tufara molise

Bosco Pianelle di Tufara


The Pianella Wood - Pinciuso Lake Wood, within the territory of the municipality of Tufara, is located at an altitude of about 1000 m above sea level and dominates the valleys that lead from Molise to Puglia and Campania. From here one can admire the plain of the Fortore River, the artificial reservoir of Occhito, the views of many neighbouring towns, as well as the Daunia Mountains, the Taburno Mountains and in the distance the Partenio Mountains.
Laghetto Monteverde di Vinchaturo molise

Laghetto Monteverde di Vinchaturo


In the municipality of Vinchiaturo, in Carbone, there is a small mountain lake in the middle of a vast coniferous forest. The entire woodland area was redeveloped a few years ago and in 2012 a cooperative society was set up, and a restaurant was opened in a renovated farmhouse.
Parco Nazionale Abruzzo Lazio e Molise molise

Parco Nazionale Abruzzo Lazio e Molise


The Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, established in 1923, is one of the most famous protected areas in Italy and one of the best known in Europe. The laws protecting this area have made it possible to safeguard an almost uncontaminated environment, home to unique flora and fauna.
Riserva Naturale Regionale Torrente Callora molise

Riserva Naturale Regionale Torrente Callora


The territory of the reserve includes the humid zone of the gorge of the Callora torrent with the gorges of the Fosso Fornello and Rio Torrone valleys, the zone of screes and cliffs; the zone of pastures and high parts of the gorge; the zone of reforestation where the castle rises. The overhanging walls present the typical vegetation of a gorge with the presence of sparse shrubs and bushes on the bare rock.

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