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Lin Village albania

Lin Village


The village appears below, as you drive down the national road that leads to Pogradec. This small peninsula softly joins the shores of Lake Ohrid. It ...
Mosaics of Lin albania

Mosaics of Lin


Mosaics of Lin are located 22 km from Pogradec and near the Peninsula of Lin. They date back to the sixth century AD. Lin, the Byzantine mosaic from t...
The Fortress Pogradec albania

The Fortress Pogradec


Pogradec fortress is a ruined castle in Pogradec, eastern Albania. At its highest point, it stands 205 metres (673 ft) above Lake Ohrid. Located on a ...
Zgerdhesh Village albania

Zgerdhesh Village


Zgërdhesh village lies on a hill south of the highway connecting Kruja with Fushë Krujë and it is part of the Fushë Krujë Administrative Unit. The anc...
Patok Lagoon albania

Patok Lagoon


Patok Lagoon is situated 50 km from Tirana at the height of Laç, between Lezha and Cape Rodon. The lagoon, 480 ha, is bounded on the north by the Mat ...
Mati Arched Bridge albania

Mati Arched Bridge


The Bridge of Zogu is one of the most special for its architectural structure. The style of the arches give it museum value. It is located on the righ...
Lezha Castle albania

Lezha Castle


Lissus (nowadays Lezha), in ancient times, was referred to as the city in the sky. Lezha Castle is considered as a culture monument. It is situated on...
Rana e Hedhun Beach albania

Rana e Hedhun Beach


Rana e Hedhun (Thrown Sand), is a nice spot Sand-Dune located in North-Western Albania, just 40Km from Montenegro border. It started to be frequented ...
Bosco di Monte Vairano molise

Bosco di Monte Vairano


Monte Vairano extends in the municipalities of Campobasso and Busso, the highest point reaches 998 m.s.l.m., the area is covered by a thick coppice vegetation and some reforested areas. The most present species is the Cerro matricinato (important economic element of the area for its high productivity), the Roverella, the Farnetto, the Orniello, the Carpino nero, the Castagno, the Ginepro; the Quercia spinosa. The wide reforestations are constituted by the Mediterranean Pine and Cypress, there is also the sporadic presence of rare species such as the Silver Fir and the Larch, which contribute to make the landscape more articulated and increase the interest for a forest of great biological value.
Sorgente Pietre Cadute a Bojano molise

Sorgente Pietre Cadute a Bojano


The springs of the Pietrecadute group are constituted by the springs of Pietrecadute and Turno, which occupy the entire south-eastern foothills of the town of Bojano, from Pietrecadute to the Palazzo Ducale of Salita Pandone, along Via Biferno and Via Turno. These springs, to the east of Bojano, are the most important for the quantity of water of the internal spring system of Biferno; they flow from numerous springs among the limestones of the mountain and the impermeable marls of tamponade.
Rafting fiume Sangro a Castel del Giudice molise

Rafting fiume Sangro a Castel del Giudice


In Castel del Giudice, on the border between Abruzzo and Molise, the Sangro river crosses an area rich in interest, woods, mountains, paths, waterways, nature reserves and archaeological sites. On the river rafting enthusiasts will find a very suggestive path, the river route is 5 kilometers long and lasts an hour and a half.
Escursione MTB circuito Cima a Roccamandolfi molise

Escursione MTB circuito Cima a Roccamandolfi


C.I.MA. (Circuito Interregionale del Matese) is a 27 km track born from the collaboration between the Pro-Loco of Longano and Roccamandolfi (Molise area) and Letino and Gallo Matese (Campania area). The path, created and thought for mountain bike lovers, winds through woods and prairies inhabited by herds and flocks grazing.
Monte Mauro e la Selva di Montefalcone molise

Monte Mauro e la Selva di Montefalcone


Monte Mauro and Selva di Montefalcone nel Sannio is an important Site of Community Interest (S.I.C.), 500 hectares of forest area consisting mainly of turkey oaks and beech trees. The area lies between the municipalities of Montefalcone nel Sannio and Castelmauro, in the province of Campobasso, on the border between Abruzzo and Molise.
La Montagnola Molisana molise

La Montagnola Molisana


The "Montagnola Molisana" is a Site of Community Interest that extends for 4000 hectares in the municipalities of Frosolone, Macchiagodena, Carpinone, Sessano del Molise, Civitanova del Sannio, Chiauci, Santa Maria del Molise and Sant'Elena Sannita. The structure of the mountain plateau is characterized by calcareous rocks rich in fossil organisms of the Cretaceous, the altitudes vary from 1200 to 1400 m above sea level.
Oasi WWF Guardiaregia Campochiaro molise

Oasi WWF Guardiaregia Campochiaro


The Guardiaregia - Campochiaro Regional Nature Reserve is a protected natural area established in 1996 and extended in 2000. It occupies an area of 3135 hectares, thus representing the second largest Oasis in Italy. Management is established by an agreement between WWF Italy and the municipalities of Guardiaregia and Campochiaro.
Kodra e Kuajve albania

Kodra e Kuajve


The structure was created at the beginning of 2012. The complex is located on top of the hill of Shkallnuri, from where you can enjoy a special natura...
Oasi LIPU Casacalenda molise

Oasi LIPU Casacalenda


The first protected area of Molise, in chronological order, extends to the slopes of the Monti Frentani, between the Matese massif and the Adriatic coast, entirely in the municipal territory of Casacalenda. The Lipu Oasis of Casacalenda occupies two thirds of the Casale Woods, a hilly oak wood that in ancient times hosted Hannibal's camp in the nearby Gerione.
Bosco Corundoli a Montecilfone molise

Bosco Corundoli a Montecilfone


The Corundoli Communal Wood of Montecilfone, is a hilly wood, a few kilometers from the sea, and is one of the first woods to be found between the coast and the Frentani Mountains. The Corundoli hill is of particular geological interest for the presence of gypsum outcrops, whose solubility creates suggestive dolines and caves. The forest covers an area of 80 hectares, the prevalent tree species are the Roverella, the Cerro, the Leccio, the Carpino and the Olmo.
Prato Gentile - Monte Campo Capracotta molise

Prato Gentile - Monte Campo Capracotta


Monte Campo with its 1746 m.s.l. is the highest point of the territory of Capracotta, from here you can enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view that sweeps from the valley of Verrino (just from this peak is born the river Verrino), the valley of the Sangro, in the distance the mountainous massif of the Maiella and to the south the mountain of Frosolone and the Matese. The mountain is surrounded by large forests of black pine and climbing to the summit there are vast beech and fir forests.
Parco Nazionale del Matese Gallinola-Miletto-Mutria molise

Parco Nazionale del Matese Gallinola-Miletto-Mutria


he Matese massif marks the border, for more than 50 km, between Molise and Campania. From the peaks of the Matese it is possible to have an extraordinary view of the "two seas" and the main peaks of the center-south.

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