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Zani Sadik Spahija

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"Zâni" is the title of the beautiful sculptural installation consisting of the interweaving of iron pipes of different sizes, to create the impression that they are holding each other in suspension, awakening the play of lights. Sadik Spahija, this master of sculpture, for years has given dignity to the great figures of the nation through monumental achievements, statues or magnificent busts, sometimes in classical dimensions and sometimes in modern dimensions, such as Father Shtjefën Gjeçov, Ndre Mjedës. Mark Čuni, Pjetër Arbnorit, Vilson Blloshmi and Genc Leka, as well as many other bright figures of art and science. After that, few can imagine how an artist, while erecting statues, devotes almost ten years of his life to an installation project called Deus ex machine, which he presented in an exhibition three years ago, part of which is the work "Zani" already finally installed in the capital's public square. The work "Zani" by Sadik Spahia is physically imposing: of very large dimensions, it reaches 16 m in height and width.

 Considered in the figurative version as tree branches, these pipes intertwine to shade the passer-by, while at the same time letting him enjoy the penetration of sunlight.

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