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Xhamia E Kapllan Pashes

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Kapllan Pasha's Mausoleum is a monumental tomb of the early 19th century ruler of Tirana, Kapllan Pasha Toptan. The tower was built to mark the burial place of the pasha who died in 1819, and is a cultural heritage monument of the category  I-st. Once it stood in front of the tomb of Sylejman Pasha Bargjini and the Old Mosque, today in front of the monument of the unknown warrior. It is octagonal in shape, quite interesting for the monolithic columns, for the stylized Corinthian capitals and for the eight arches decorated with a stylized acanthus leaf in relief, one of which contains the inscription that speaks of Kaplan Toptan, but which today is illegible (except for the date 1326 'h). It is an open tomb, without a roof and without a dome.


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