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Viroi Lake

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Located only 3km from Gjirokastra, Viroi Lake can be considered as the hidden paradise. It is a mysterious cave with crystal waters, and many underground waters flowing from different sources. The lake has a surface 17.5 ha and Viroi underwater cave has a depth of 249 meters. According to legends this lake is linked with other lakes, and caves, and beautiful natural sources such as Skotini Cave and Blu Eye in Saranda. Even though cave diving is not a popular sport in Albania, in Viroi are located several caves filled with water which divers can explore: Viroi, Skotin, and Petranik. Announced as a protected area in 1982, it is one of the natural monuments of Gjirokastra city (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Many locals bike or walk over the promenade that connects the city with the lake, on their way to an idyllic picnic amidst the beautiful natural surroundings. On the shore of the lake there are Cafes and restaurants where the visitors can enjoy a nice lunch or refreshment.    

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