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Agroturism Popi albania

Agroturism Popi


Agroturism Popi is situated in a very good position in the area of Cape Rodon and a few kilometres from t it, the visitors can find the historical Ska...
Berat Castle albania

Berat Castle


The monument “Church of Labova e Kryqit” is one of the most interesting monuments in Albania dedicated to St. Mary. You go there following the highway...
Gorica Bridge albania

Gorica Bridge


One of the most beautiful Ottoman bridges in the Balkan region connecting the city with the neighborhood of the same name is Bridge of Gorica. Gorica ...
Fatih Mosque albania

Fatih Mosque


Built on the ruins of an early Christian basilica, the Fatih Mosque is a cultural monument located in Durres. It was built in 1502 and named after the...
Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral albania

Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral


The cathedral is located in the heart of Tirana and its construction finished in June of 2012 but was opened for the the public in June 2014. The Cath...
Mosaic of Tirana albania

Mosaic of Tirana


The history of the Mosaic of Tirana as have been thought: in the first century AD - have been part of a rural house; in the third century AD - is thou...
Saint Paul Cathedral albania

Saint Paul Cathedral


Saint Paul Cathedral is the Catholic Cathedral of Tirana built between 1994 and 2002 and is dedicated to the apostle St. Paul. It is a modern-looking ...
Petrela Castle albania

Petrela Castle


One of Albania’s best preserved castles, Petrela sits picturesquely on a steep slope overlooking a river, 15 km southeast of Tirana, along the road to...
Farka Lake albania

Farka Lake


Farka lake is located only 9.6 km away from the city centre in southern and south-western part of Tirana and is 75 hectare, larger than the artificial...
Lalzi Bay albania

Lalzi Bay


Consisting of 35 km long coastline in the Adriatic Sea, Lalzi Bay is a large bay of the Adriatik See with the Mediterranean See. It borders with Rodon...
Kus Lake albania

Kus Lake


Kus lake is located in Kashar (Kus village), only 10 km outside of Tirana. There is evidence of Kashar’s existence since antiquity; the very first doc...
Kombinati i Tiranes albania

Kombinati i Tiranes


Kombinat is a southwestern suburb of Tirana, Albania, located about 6 kilometres from the main centre. It contains a number of landmarks related to Jo...
Eye of Cyclops albania

Eye of Cyclops


The Eye of the Cyclops or as they call it the Trail of the Cyclops is located about 4 km below Krraba, in the village called Skuterrë, in the Erzen ri...
Brari Bridge albania

Brari Bridge


The bridge is located in the village of Brrar in Tirana County. Built in the 18th century AD on the ruins of an old Roman bridge is a single-arch ston...
Rock of Kavaja albania

Rock of Kavaja


Rock of Kavaja, is a massive Rock of about 560 meters high and 160 meters wide, located nearby the highway between Durres and Kavaja town. Mostly popu...
Murdar Gorge albania

Murdar Gorge


Lana River albania

Lana River


It is the main stream that crosses through Tirana, its source is in the mountains east of the city. Many illegal kiosks and buildings were constructed...
Grand Park Of Tirana albania

Grand Park Of Tirana


A short stroll south of central Tirana, the Grand Park is a haven from all the traffic and dust. It is a 289 hectare public park administered by the A...
Skanderbeg Square albania

Skanderbeg Square


Tirana’s main square, Sheshi Skenderbej is named after the Albanian national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu. The total area is about 40.000 square m...
Amantia Archaeological Park albania

Amantia Archaeological Park


The archaeological park and Illyrian city of Amantia is a living historical testimony of the Ionian coast. Built in the 5th century BC, it is one of t...

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