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Tomorr National Park

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The Tomorr National Park, founded in 1956, is a National Park, 30-40 km to the east of Berati town. The mountain Tomorr is one of the highest natural points of southern Albania, rising between the valleys of the rivers Osum and Tomorrica in the east close to Berat.

Forests take up one third of the total area of it. Its highest peak is 2415 meters and has a lot of trails. One of them leads to thr Turbe of Kulmak, 1200 meters above the sea level. Tomorr environment has not been damaged much and on it still roam roe deer, bears, beech martens. Some of the trees that can be found include Heldreich pines and maples. It is a place of tourist interest also because is a destination for thousands of pilgrims from all over Albania who came to it on 21-28 August each year. Celebrations last for week and are held to honor Baba Ali the founder of the tekke and one of the most predominant figures of Bektashism. It is this celebration that has given the Tomorr its nickname Baba Tomorr. The mountain has also inspired the Bektashi literature which flourished in 19th century.

Hiking in Tomor mounting is an amazing experience and a tourist attraction not only during the Bektashi celebration but also at other time especially in spring and autumn. Sotira Waterfall one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the region can be experienced through a drive from Tomorr National Park to an old village.      

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