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Porto Palermo is the safest natural port in southwestern Albania. There is a a small peninsula with a medieval castle in the center of the bay. The place is very popular for small private boats and sailboats that can be visited for tourist purposes. To protect the underwater fauna, in addition to this site at least 4 anchor bova are needed.

The bay of Porto Palermo or Panormi as it was called in antiquity constitutes the largest and the most beautiful bay of the lonian coast. It sticks out into the land for 2 km and its width in 1.5 km. It lies between the cape of Kadavoni in the northwest which extends for nearly 2 km in the sea and the cape of Panormi in the south which resembles a small cliffy peninsula with high abysses. Situated in the bay of Porto Palermo can be visited also Porto Palermo Castle.  

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