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Lezha Castle

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Lissus (nowadays Lezha), in ancient times, was referred to as the city in the sky. Lezha Castle is considered as a culture monument. It is situated on the top of the hill of 186 m high in the east part of the city. The origin of the castle is Illyrian. It was built over the ancient castle of Akrolis. Venetians reconstructed it in 1440 and after that in 1522, after the ottoman occupation it was reconstructed also by them.

Here there are and visitors can find vestiges of Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines and ottomans. Objects of a great interest to be visited are ottomans constructions rubbles inside the castle, mosque, and the tower in the south-east wall with roman arch and Illyrian tower in the south wall of the castle. 

It has a strategic location from here the visitor can see the outlet of Drin river, the Adriatic coast and even the mount Tomorr and Sazan island in south.

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