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Lalzi Bay

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Consisting of 35 km long coastline in the Adriatic Sea, Lalzi Bay is a large bay of the Adriatik See with the Mediterranean See. It borders with Rodoni hills range in the northeast and with Bisht Palla in the south-west. It’s located close to Durresi and Shengjini seaports, Tirana International Airport, and to Durres-Kukes highway. 

It is a bay safe for sailing because being a shallow bay with no presence of underwater rocks. Lalzi bay beach is 4.5 km long and up 300 meters wide. The resorts, houses, and businesses in the area are protected from the wind by a shelter belt of pine trees and Mediterranean Shrubs.

Actually Lalzi Bay is one of the most frequented beaches especially during the weekend and mainly from the inhabitants of capital city Tirana, although it was unexplored until 2000 due to the lack of infrastructure.

The area offers opportunities for investments and sustainable development in the sectors of tourism and renewable energy especially, photovoltaic plants, agriculture and industry sectors.

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