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Kus Lake

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Kus lake is located in Kashar (Kus village), only 10 km outside of Tirana. There is evidence of Kashar’s existence since antiquity; the very first documented source connects it to the Battle of Limuth in 1456, fought by Skanderbeg and his army against the Ottoman troops. In Kus Village are located many of the area’s historical monuments including among them ruins of a medieval church, a 300-year-old mosque bearing the village’s name, and ancient cemeteries in the Zalta valley. Kus Lake and the surrounding territory is evaluated as one of the most picturesque and biologically clean areas among the surroundings of Tirana. The distance from the national road is about 4 km. Added values to this place are low and medium forests combined even with the agricultural lands in the flattest parts, where nuts and fruit trees are cultivated.

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