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Village Hekali is village with ancient history over 3000 years old and lies on the surface of large with over 2500 inhabitants and about 500 house. It is located in Fier southwestern Albania. The village has great tourist values and in it various plants are cultivated, where most characteristics are olives and grapes for the vinedresser. The relief of the village is characterized by an extension in the area hilly where in the highest part is the area Archaeological Site of Bylis. Among the needs that the village of Hekal has are sewage, a school and a health center. Bylis, the most important tourist center of the village, has an area of 30 ha which was protected by a perimeter wall 2.2 km long, 3.5 m wide and 8-9 m high, which is still relatively good preserved today. Bylis was the largest Illyrian city in southern Illyria, and has a dominant position over the Mallakastra hills and the Vjosa valley. Next to the theater the city had its own stadium, two promenades, one of which two-storey, water tank, prytaneon, gymnasium, altars, apartments, streets, etc.

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