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Gorica Bridge

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One of the most beautiful Ottoman bridges in the Balkan region connecting the city with the neighborhood of the same name is Bridge of Gorica.

Gorica Bridge over the Osum was originally built from wood in 1780 (by Ahmet Kurt Pasha) and rebuilt with stone in the 1920s owes much of its beauty to its very gradual arch, 10m tall, and elegantly extending 130m over across both sides of the Osumi riverbed. It is composed of a total of seven arches, wooden railings, and several small “windows,” which give the arches whimsical facial features, making this bridge a rare sight indeed.

A legend, as it is with many of Albania’s most famous monuments, surrounds this structure. This grizzly myth involves a young woman being buried alive inside the bridge, in order to ensure that its foundations stand strong forever.

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