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Dune di Punta Prosciutto

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The Dunes of Punta Prosciutto, with their very thin, Caribbean-like sand and crystal-clear sea, are one of the symbols of the Salento region’s Ionian coast.

The western coast of Salento, the one facing the Ionian Sea, is full of surprises when it comes to its natural beauty. For example, the stretch of coastline protected by the Palude del Conte Nature Reserve and coastal dunes, where the Dunes of Punta Prosciutto stand, a unique natural heritage, fragile but beautiful, reminiscent of typically tropical colours and sensations. It is probably named after the shape of the cliff, with a ham-like end, li prisuti or prisuddi, in Salento dialect.

Very white sand, crystal-clear sea and high dunes dotted with lush Mediterranean scrub give a wild charm to a very delicate environment, owing to coastal erosion and the presence of humans, particularly in summer.

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