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Piazza San Pietro Celestino V Isernia

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The center of Piazza Celestino V is dominated by the majestic Fontana Fraterna, an imposing artwork from the 18th century that enchants the eyes of anyone who admires it. The fountain rapresents a symbol of unity and community, and it has become an icon of Isernia throughout the centuries.

Piazza San Pietro Celestino V is one of the most important squares of the city. The square is situated right in the historical center of Isernia. Piazza Celestino V was built after the bombing of 1943, which destroyed most of the houses that were there making room for the new square; nowadays, through the different paving, it is possible to recognize where the old houses and the main street were located. On Celestino V square there is the Fontana Fraterna, the church of the Conception and a statue of the patron saint of Isernia San Pietro Celestino V. The Fontana Fraterna is a public fountain and symbol of the city of Isernia. Listed by the Encyclopedia Treccani among the most beautiful in Italy, with six jets of water, the unusual shape of a lodge, made with blocks of compact limestone, is one of the most significant and most important works of Isernia. Anciently it rose in Fraterna square, in front of the church of the Conception, but after the allied bombardment of 1943 it was transferred in Celestino V square, in the heart of the historical center of the city.

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