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Velca Cave

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The caves of Velçe belong to the late Neolithic culture of the 3rd millennium BC. According to Prof. Marcian's notes, this cave must have been inhabited 1000 years before Christ. It is worth noting that it is one of the few caves in Albania of its type and age. From the residents of the village, more precisely from the names inherited from their ancestors, they say that this village has over 300 caves dating back to the period B.C. The expectations were that the village of Velce would take part in the Rebirth Government project of "100 Tourist Villages", but it did not happen as expected. According to the possibilities, this village will have to wait until some international organization for cultural heritage notices the history of these caves and takes it upon itself to turn this village into a tourist attraction for our country and for future generations.

In Albania, the earliest dwellings have been confirmed in the cave of ... previously as in Velçë of Vlora or incidentally in other districts of the country, ... it is said in the first volume of the History of Albania. The interesting evidence about these settlements are brought by L. Cardini. The Italian prehistorian traveled extensively throughout southwestern Albania and recorded over 60 natural caves (stone shelters), while in 1936, he researched the caves of Velça and conducted a preliminary study of ten caves there , says K. Francis

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