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Together with the Rione Monti, Rione Aia Piccola is the most populated area of trulli in the world. It is located in the heart of the old centre of Alberobello, which has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1996.

Formerly called "Fossa dei Greci" (Greeks’ Pit), Accadia's Fossi District is the oldest urban settlement in the town. It owes its name to the interesting complex of prehistoric dwellings carved out of caves dug into the hillside, called “Fosse”. Presumably hermits lived there, but the “Fossi” are also evidence of the farming civilization that evolved over time. 

The Fossi District represents an important part of Accadia's history as it was abandoned following the terrible earthquakes of 1930 and 1962. It is a real "ghost village" that offers visitors glimpses of a not-too-distant past. In summer it hosts prestigious concerts as part of the Accadia Blues Festival. 

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