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Museo del Giunco Palustre

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The Museo del Giunco Palustre (Soft Marsh Rush Museum) in Acquarica del Capo, since 2008, has preserved the ancient tradition of craftsmanship with the soft marsh rush plant which has marked the history of the area.

The Museo del Giunco Palustre, inaugurated at the end of 2008, is located inside the medieval castle of Acquarica del Capo and is dedicated to an art peculiar to the town's history, i.e. the production of objects in paleddu (soft marsh rush), which has earned it the title of 'City of the Rush. 

The purpose of the museum  is to promote and enhance this art, which has been key for the social and economic history of the small village of Acquarica, now a driving force behind cultural initiatives that are aimed at passing on an ancient tradition to new generations. 

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